What to Expect at the First Pediatrician Appointment

Having a baby is exciting. You have a new little life to take care of. This also means finding a great pediatrician for you and your little one and going to all the scheduled appointments. Infants and small children will … Continued

The Two Types of Healthcare for Kids

Health care for kids is critical for a child's growth and development. With the right medical care and proper nutrition, a child can grow correctly,  healthy and strong and will be unlikely to struggle with health issues as they age. … Continued

Why Children’s Obesity Matters

Children's obesity is an issue that people need to take seriously. We encourage parents to bring their children to our office if they are concerned about their child's weight. Doing so can help to improve their health today and also … Continued

We Treat Children’s Sports Injuries in New York

We treat children's sports injuries in New York and recommend that parents call us immediately if their child has hurt themselves. It is absolutely critical to conduct an examination right away to get to the bottom of what has caused … Continued

Watch for These Signs of a Kids Ear Infection

Kids ear infections can be incredibly painful. Children that tend to suffer from them may be inconsolable, unable to sleep and unable to go to daycare or school. It is important to watch for the symptoms of an ear infection … Continued

Read Our Baby Teething Guide/Tips

As a new parent, you may be wondering what to do when a baby starts to teeth. Our baby teething guide/tips can help to answer some of these important questions. By preparing ahead of time, you can help to make … Continued

Types of Children’s Immunization – Get on a Schedule Today

If your family is behind on your children's immunizations, now is an excellent time to call us and schedule an appointment. We work with a lot of families that fall behind on immunization schedules because of things like moving to … Continued

Visit Our New York Pediatrician Office to Discuss Your Child’s Development

If your child is not growing or developing like they should, it is important to bring them to a New York pediatrician office as quickly as possible. Though the majority of the young patients we treat develop in line with … Continued

Children’s Health Care Can Help this Winter

We offer children's health care, something that is needed even more regularly this time of year. As winter is upon us, it is the cold and flu season. It is all too common for children to become sick once or … Continued

Follow this Well Baby Exam Schedule

New parents are often unaware of how frequently the baby needs to come in for a well-baby exam. Babies need to visit the doctor on a frequent basis to ensure that they are growing and developing properly. This means significantly … Continued