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Raising healthy kids is becoming every day more challenging than ever. All of the environment surrounding us affects your child's health; That means not only what they eat, what they do, activities they engage in, watch or hear, everything may affect our mental, spiritual or physical health. That is why preventive medicine is so important, and for that we have an innovative approach with Board Certified Pediatricians and Pediatric Mental Health Social Services to answer your questions and concerns regarding vaccines, nutrition, lactation, behavioral issues, learning problems and most of the conditions that affect infants, children and teens.

Stages Pediatrics welcomes your family to ours. We have been serving Washington Heights, Bronx, Manhattan, and surrounding neighborhoods since 2008 and pride ourselves on being recipients of many awards thanks to our patients' recognition. The calm child-friendly atmosphere at Stages makes kids and teens feel comfortable and cared for. We ensure you that we remain up-to-date on the latest medical advances in pediatric care. Our special interest is the general wellbeing of your child and our pediatricians will be actively involved in getting to know our patients and their parents in order to help them care for their most precious asset: their children. Through this understanding, we are able to provide a personalized approach to your child’s healthcare.

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Stages Pediatrics, PC has been recognized as one of the top New York Pediatrics practices.
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Our Team

Our team's pride is to have the expertise and skills to treat our patients with high-quality care, always considering their cultural background and their special needs. Stages Pediatrics is an open access Patient Center Medical Home, there for you 24/7, to provide support and medical assistance when needed. Same day appointments are available for urgencies during office hours and walk-in hours are also available every week; call us for more details. Recipients of many awards, our pediatricians strive to render the best service available in primary health care. Under the personalized care of Dr. Rosa Gamundi-Joaquin and Dr. Clotilde Peña-Nieto, your children will receive a compassionate and specialized state-of-the-art care from birth through childhood and adolescence and you can keep seeing your personal doctor for as long as you wish. Relax! We will take the necessary steps to help your child feel welcome and familiar with our friendly staff. Our team also understands that new parents may want to know their new provider better; Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding our physicians' training and education and click the tab About Us to know more. Because your trust is paramount, we take the required time to go over any pertinent questions regarding development, diagnosis, and treatment to ease any concerns the parent or patient may have.

Our Services

Our pediatricians service most of the healthcare needs your child may have during childhood and youth. Wellness and Preventive Well Child-Teen visits are the cornerstone of having good health and happy years. Therefore, we are passionate about sending friendly reminders of children's appointments for their annual checkup. This ensures wellness and detects conditions that must be treated in a timely manner. Well-Child Visits also give us the opportunity to provide pertinent counseling according to their age. We are an open access Patient Center Medical Home: Call same day for an appointment and feel like home. We offer extended office hours to accommodate you or your child's busy schedule. When illnesses strike, we are here for you: Autism, ADHD, asthma, allergies, diabetes, sports injuries, bronchiolitis, ear infections, burns, eczema, lack of appetite, anemia, lead poisoning, small cuts, back pain, pain in legs, fever, infections, flu and many others malaise are treated on site. No need to go to ER! Call us first. Fitness-wellness exams for sports and job applications are done when needed. Other services (provided for a small fee): Proof of Address, administrative certificates, and Professional Ear Piercing. We can provide the specialized care your child needs without having to refer to other resources as the first step. We care for your child and you.

Client Information

Prepare for your visit by printing out the New Patient Registration Form and fill it out before arriving to your first visit (Forms are also available at the front desk for your convenience; there are English and Spanish versions). Forms must be filled out completely before handing to the front desk staff. Please note that incomplete forms will delay your appointment time. Do not forget your Copay (if required by insurance - cash and most major credit cards accepted), immunization card and health insurance card; arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time. We reserve the right to schedule for another day any walk-ins for a physical exam without previous appointment. Payment is due absolutely on the day of service with no exemption. Call us for pricing. At least one parent should be present during the examination. If the patient is sent by an authorized relative or friend, it is understood that parents authorize physicians to discuss health issues. We are happy to answer any questions during the appointment. We want parents to be an active part of their child’s Care Plan. The Patient Portal is the way to refresh and review what has been discussed with your doctor; It is very useful to request referrals, refills, track your child's lab results and check vaccine status. An email is required for access. Download Healow application in your mobile and like our page on FB to keep you up-to-date with events.